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Pawel Kaczmarczyk "a great player who is an indication of just how good the young generation is"

All About Jazz

Directions in Music: The Headhunters

Dance with us the funky rhythms of the 70s!

Funky madness that haven't been seen in Poland yet!
The formation brought to life by Pawel Kaczmarczyk in August 2012 is a response to enourmous popularity of funk in our country. In order to reach a new audience and to show their musical versatility and imagination, the musicians decided to create a new, unique project.

Directions in Music: The Headhunters
During concerts in series of Directions in Music: The Headhunters, the musicians present the best-known works of Herbie Hancock and The Headhunters from albums Head Hunters, Trust, Man-Child and Secrets in new, unprecedented arrangements.

The band is consisted of mainly young people, artists from Cracow who invariably exude great joy of performing, and whose freshness gives a unique atmosphere and a pinch of positive madness. Huge joy and energy that accompanies every concert of the project makes music reache its true purpose - comes tp the human emotions and in a magically way allows you to forget about reality.

The concert in Cracow Harris Piano Jazz Bar on August 23rd, 2012, only proved that the unlimited jazz improvisation combined funk groove make it impossible to stay straight or just keep sitting - pairs were dancing on the dance floor and literally nothing was able to stop them!

Jump with us into the ocean of funk sounds!

The band is composed of:
P. Kaczmarczyk - keyboards
O. Węgier - saxophone
L. Belcyr - Guitar
A. Święs - bass
T. C. Sanchez - percussion
F. Mozul - drums