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To hear Kaczmarczyk dig deeply into the keys is to understand what full-bodied, wholly committed jazz pianism is all about

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Janusz Muniak Project

Janusz Muniak, the legendary Polish saxophonist, invited Pawel Kaczmarczyk with his band to the cooperation, creating Janusz Muniak Project. This project appears regularly on Polish stages, but mostly it can be heard in the city's clubs, where it steals people's hearts and leaves the music inside their souls forever.

Despite, or rather because of many years of a busy touring and hard work on the national and international scenes, Janusz Muniak continues arousing admiration and always makes it in the way that attracts the audience (and public faithfully returns for another and another concert that is reliably filled with true and sincere tone).

At the turn of 2012 and 2013, Janusz Muniak is back with the first author's album in 10 years. Formation is not only prepars to record a new album, but they also perform.

The band is composed of:

  • Janusz Muniak - saxophone
  • Paweł Kaczmarczyk - piano
  • Maciej Adamczak - double bass
  • Dawid Fortuna - percussion

Janusz Muniak - one of the most colorful figures of Polish jazz. Graduated from high school in Cracow, he made his musical debuted in 1960 with Lublin band of Witold Miszczak. The team has proven to be a good school of jazz playing, after which Muniak was spotted and asked to join Tomasz Stanko + Jazz Darings. Concerts of the band did not prevent Muniak from cooperation with Krzysztof Komeda, bands of Jana Ptaszyny Wroblewskiego (Studio Jazz LP, SPPT Chałturnik) and the quartet of Jan Jarczyk. Only after a few years, as a fully formed musician, Janusz Muniak decided to lead his own bands.

Pawel Kaczmarczyk - Polish pianist and jazz composer. He is one of the greatest pianists of the younger generation, composer, soloist and sideman. He is called the revelation of Polish and European world of jazz, valued primarily for virtuosity, creativity and a very mature technique. He was repeatedly elected "New Hope Polish Jazz" by the readers of Jazz Forum. The third album "Complexity in Simplicity" released in 2009 for the prestigious label ACT Music opened to the pianist the door to an international career.

Maciej Adamczak - Master of Jazz and Contemporary Music Academy in Katowice in class of Jacek Niedziela. He has won national awards, including: Jazz Juniors (Marcin Żupański Qurtet, first prize, 1997), Jazz on the Oder, the Pomeranian Jazz Autumn.

David Fortuna - He graduated from the music school in Bydgoszcz where he studied under the guidance of an excellent teacher Mirosław Zita. Despite his young age, he is still climbing higher and higher floors of a musical careee, and, what is more, his immense talent&hard work helped him play with the best artists of the Polish jazz scene.