Paweł Kaczmarczyk Paweł Kaczmarczyk Paweł Kaczmarczyk Paweł Kaczmarczyk Paweł Kaczmarczyk Paweł Kaczmarczyk Paweł Kaczmarczyk

There is boundless local and national talent, such as pianist Paweł Kaczmarczyk, who have risen to the top at clubs such as "Harris" and "U Muniaka" in Kraków.

The Guardian


Jan Hocek,, 31.07.2013

The familiar, Polish pianist Pawel Kaczmarczyk and his team Audiofeeling Band, literally triumphed! Kaczmarczyk creates an interesting complex pieces that require maximum concentration of all members of the team - there is gradation, variable dynamics and huge contrasts, which, when combined, speak with the charm and strength. [...] ** I dare say that the band has proved to be the biggest surprise for the Romanian public who simply did not want to let them leave the stage., 21.07.2013

The and is fully engaged in the creative process, it remains at a constant mutual communication - this four people managed to create a type of music that grabs the audience immediately by its energy and who [the public] then unwittingly reads and responds to these signals. Each solo is balanced, and gradually builts up tension that does not allow the audience to boredom.

Mihai Brezeanu,, 16.07.2013

The real revelation of the festival was the quartet Pawel Kaczmarczyk Audiofeeling Band. Polish artists impressed the audience so much that they had the strength and determination to force the organizers to grant an encore that lasted more than 15 minutes. The pianist Pawel Kaczmarczyk, received more applause than, playing few hours later, Norwegian star Bugge Wesseltoft. Ability to interpret, strength and courage made the listeners gathered at Garana Jazz Festival understand that they are receiving a real lesson of jazz.

ADRIANA CARCU,, 31.07.2013

Poland's Pawel Kaczmarczyk Audiofeeling Band—Pawel Kaczmarczyk, piano; Grzech Piotrowski, saxophones; Maciej Adamczak, double bass; Dawid Fortuna, drums—did not have to wait long after the launch of its album, Complexity in Simplicity (ACT Music, 2009), for the enthusiastic reactions to its introverted yet extremely spectacular style.

The concert in Garana started with a tall, clear sax voice with airy intervals, persuaded by the strong rhythm section to engage in a vibrant dialogue moving through the valleys and peaks of sound. The urgent cries of the sax mounted scaffolds of sound moving onto platforms of pure attacks on the note, where the inner dynamics were enhanced by the well-paced counterpoints. Abstract passages alternated with intense narrative gems where Kaczmarczyk's liquid tones on the piano, drawn from the harmonic depths, surfaced in floods of pure melody. The show went down like oil.

Marek Dusza, Audio, 09.2009

The world debut of young pianist Paweł Kaczmarczyk on the German label ACT Music is particularly worthy of recommendation. What's all the more elating about it for us is that he recorded the entire album in Nieporęt, exclusively with Polish musicians. The Germans themselves are already quite taken with him, as we can read in the album's liner notes, which include high praise for Polish jazz, and comparisons of Kaczmarczyk to the likes of Bill Evans, Esbjörn Svensson and Brad Mehldau.

Indeed, our pianist has recorded an outstanding, mature album. It's a big step forward in his career from the release of the CD “Audiofeeling”, which itself received many accolades. The Audiofeeling Band is a group whose line-up varies, with two rhythm sections and numerous soloists, including many young stars, like saxophonists Tomasz Grzegorski (excellent on bass clarinet, too), Grzech Piotrowski, Radek Nowicki, Łukasz Poprawski, and trumpeter Jerzy Małek. The compositions are world-class, as are the arrangements, and the pieces are sequenced in such a way that what we get is an album that's hard to turn our attention away from. If it weren't for the first-rate album “Mostly Coltrane”, this would probably be the CD of the month; it is no doubt a candidate for Polish album of the year, and I find it a delight to listen to.

Aleksandra Pańko, Przegląd, 09.2009

Luckily, Paweł Kaczmarczyk didn't make the music-lovers who are fascinated with his work wait too long. The new album is already out, and it's been released on a prestigious label. This is a very good thing because not much of our jazz talent gets exported at all. What's more, this very interesting and stylistically variegated album is an occasion for not only Paweł's own talents as a pianist, composer and arranger to be presented to the world, but also those of a sizeable group of gifted young performers. In addition to the Audiofeeling Band's leader, eleven musicians are heard on this disc, playing in configurations that range from a trio to a septet. They include saxophonists Radek Nowicki, Tomasz Grzegorski and Grzech Piotrowski (whose album “Emotronica” also came out recently – and includes Paweł Kaczmarczyk as well), bassist Michał Barański and drummer Paweł Dobrowolski – i.e. the rhythm section from “Audiofeeling” - and guitarist Rafał Sarnecki. Rhythm section nr. 2 – Wojciech Pulcyn and Łukasz Żyta – played, in turn, with Rafał Sarnecki on his debut CD. They all communicate with one another excellently, and each brings his own characteristic sound into the project, as is exemplified by the lively number “Catch More Chicks”. Paweł Kaczmarczyk penned the majority of the compositions, but we also have a surprise – a lovely little embellishment, in the form of a delicate, toned-down rendition of Elton John's “Blue Eyes”.